Buy gold and other precious metals – the process:

BGC likes to make purchasing bullion as simple as possible for its clients. A client is able to call BGC and book a transaction within a matter of minutes.

The first step is for the client to call. Unfortunately, clients are unable to book a transaction over email or voicemail. A client must speak directly with a trader. On the phone, a trader will walk you through the process of booking an order, whether you're looking to buy gold or silver.

Booking a transaction and making Payment:

A booked transaction is when a client commits to a deal at a given price with a trader. This is also referred to as "locking in a rate." Please note BGC has a zero-cancelation policy.

Once a rate is locked in, customers are expected to honour that deal. This is because when a client books an order with BGC, BGC will purchase product for them in the company's name. If the client walks away from a deal BGC is left holding the bullion. BGC is then vulnerable to movements in the market. For this reason, BGC reserves the right to refuse booking a transaction and will not book a transaction for a client who has walked away from a deal in the past.

When a transaction is booked with a trader a confirmation email is sent shortly thereafter. Clients are allowed 3 business days (72 hours) to make payment on booked transactions. It is imperative that payment is made promptly after booking a transaction. For Canadian clientele, payment is accepted in the form of a personal cheque, a bank draft, or bank wire.