1 Kilo PAMP Silver Bar

1 Kilo PAMP Silver Bar

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1 KG Silver Bar

These 1 KG Silver Bars are .999 purity and bear the hallmark of their refiner. They offer the same value of owning silver without the premium of a sovereign minted coin. These bars come from recognized refiners and have met international standards of quality and purity. Border Gold offers a variety of bars from established refiners worldwide, including: Johnson Matthey, A-Mark, Sunshine, and Asahi.


The 1 KG silver bar remains a great option for those who want to invest in silver bullion without the premium attached to government issued bullion coins. Because silver bars are available in a variety of sizes, there is flexibility of choice for all bullion investors.


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Product Specifications

Composition: 99.9% Silver

Weight: 32.15 ozt (1000g)

Face value: None