1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Coin

1 oz 2021 Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin (2 Week Delivery)

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1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin

Sharing the same international recognition and renowned quality as its bullion siblings, the RCM Platinum Maple Leaf (PML) has become a favoured coin for collectors worldwide. One side showcases an attractive maple leaf design, and the obverse displays Queen Elizabeth II. These platinum coins are guaranteed by the Government of Canada.

In 2013, the Mint introduced a new and unique security feature to confirm the authenticity of its GML coins. Derived from the same award -winning security technology applied to Canada’s $1 and $2 circulation coins, the PML security feature consists of a textured maple leaf, micro-engraved with laser technology on a small area of the reverse side of the coin. In the centre of this mark, visible under magnification, the coin’s year of issue is denoted.

Special Features:

  • The only 99.95% pure platinum coin issued and backed by the Government of Canada
  • Two cutting-edge security features: precise radial lines on the faces, and micro-engraved leaf exclusive to the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Precision machining creates a distinct, high quality appearance.

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99.95% pure platinum


Royal Canadian Mint



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