Storage options

Storage Solutions

Border Gold Corp. wants to help you find the best storage solution that fits your specific needs and requirements.

Storage Solutions

Whether securing storage of a regular purchase or contributing and holding physical metal in a RRSP or alternative savings account, we can suggest solutions that will cater specifically to you. The benefits of having Border Gold play a role in your storage solution is the guarantee and ease of liquidity when it comes time to sell part of, or all your physical assets.

Like any other purchase, clients buy the metal from Border Gold, and then receive notification of prompt delivery to your storage locations.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss all the storage solutions available to you.

Store Your WealthOwning Precious Metals in an RRSP

Border Gold’s Canadian clients can buy and sell physical gold and silver for an RRSP, TFSA and other registered savings accounts. This process can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Contact Border Gold to discuss buying gold in an RRSP or other registered savings account. The account is held with Questrade, a registered Canadian investment dealer.
  2. Open an RRSP or registered savings account with Questrade. This can be done here. Please note this is a US dollar denominated account and transactions will occur in this account in US dollars. Existing Canadian accounts can be transferred to Questrade, but this process does take a few business days.
  3. Fill out an authorization form allowing Border Gold to buy metal on your behalf. This form will be provided to you by a Border Gold Representative. This allows us to purchase metal for your registered account when you advise us to do so.
  4. Buy your desired gold or silver from Border Gold. This must be done over the telephone during regular business hours.