Gold CAD $2,723.26 41.47 Silver CAD $31.21 0.39 Platinum CAD $1,248.77 23.00 USD/CAD 1.3580
Gold CAD $2,723.26 41.47 Silver CAD $31.21 0.39
Gold: CAD $2,723.26 41.47 Silver: CAD $31.21 0.39 Platinum: CAD $1,248.77 23.00 USD/CAD: CAD 1.3580 0.00

Why Deal With Us

Looking to either sell or buy gold?  You’ve come to the right place…

Border Gold’s tenure and experience in the precious metals business as a silver and gold dealer has allowed us to develop strong relationships with the Royal Canadian Mint and other large bullion distributors. This means that our clients do not have to wait an extensive period of time for delivery of their bullion in times of high demand.

Over the years, we have been able to provide our clients who buy gold, silver and other bullion with secure shipments that are professionally handled in a timely manner. Our clients never have to worry about the delivery process as BGC guarantees the delivery of each shipment.

Although Border Gold recommends to its clients to hold their physical gold and other bullion themselves, BGC can also make arrangements for gold storage as well.

If you wish to enquire further regarding Border Gold Corp., feel free to directly contact the Royal Canadian Mint they will respond to any inquiries. They will be pleased to supply you with a general reference and financial history of the company. All inquiries should be done in the name of Border Gold Corp. and/or Michael L. Levy.