Gold CAD $2,763.17 41.34 Silver CAD $34.27 0.39 Platinum CAD $1,257.88 22.93 USD/CAD 1.3544
Gold CAD $2,763.17 41.34 Silver CAD $34.27 0.39
Gold: CAD $2,763.17 41.34 Silver: CAD $34.27 0.39 Platinum: CAD $1,257.88 22.93 USD/CAD: CAD 1.3544 0.00

5 oz Silver Bar Germania Mint

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5 oz Germania Mint Silver Bar

Silver bars are .999 purity and bear the hallmark of their refiner. They offer the same value of owning silver without the premium of a sovereign minted coin and are available in 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 1KG, and 100oz sizes. These bars come from recognized refiners and have met international standards of quality and purity. Border Gold offers a variety of bars from established refiners worldwide, including: Johnson Matthey, A-Mark, Sunshine, and Asahi.


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Product Specifications

Composition: 99.9% Silver

Weight: 5 ozt

Face value: None