Gold $1,958.85 30.52 Silver $23.15 0.29 Platinum $1,018.21 16.93 USD/CAD 1.3595
Gold $1,958.85 30.52 Silver $23.15 0.29
Gold: $1,958.85 30.52 Silver: $23.15 0.29 Platinum: $1,018.21 16.93 USD/CAD: CAD 1.3595 0.01

10 oz Gold Bar

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1 - 9$19,960.95$20,759.39

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10 Oz Gold Bar (Assorted Refiners)

*Please note bars chosen will be at BGC’s discretion. All bars come from recognized refiners and will retain fair market value. Images for display purposes only.*

The gold bar is available in 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, or 1KG (32.15oz) sizes, and various denominations measured in grams. All of our bars are refined to a 9999 standard of purity.


Border Gold deals in what are deemed as recognized bars. These bars come from established refiners and governments, and have met international standards of quality. A variety of bars from the Royal Canadian Mint, a selection of Swiss Mints, and the Perth Mint of Australia are available.


The 10 gold bar remains a great option for those who want to invest in gold bullion without the premium attached to government issued bullion coins. Because gold bars are available in a variety of sizes, there is flexibility of choice for all bullion investors.


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Product Specifications

Composition: 99.99% gold

Weight: 10 oz (311.1g)

Face value: None


Additional information


99.99% pure gold


10 oz

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Face Value



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